Fountain pen nib size 6

Fountain pen nib size 6

Like a car and its tires, a fountain pen will only write as well as the nib it is paired with. The nib is responsible for determining how a fountain pen will write, making it the first thing that should be considered when choosing a fountain pen.

Let's take a look at how a fountain pen nib works and what things you should consider when picking one out. The four most important characteristics when choosing a fountain pen nib are tip shape, tip size, flexibility, and nib material.

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After tip shape, the tip size of a nib will have the biggest impact on how a fountain pen writes. Larger tip sizes create wide lines suitable for bold writing and showcasing the ink used, but many people prefer smaller tip sizes for everyday writing because they create a line width closer to that of a typical ballpoint or gel pen.

#6 Nibs and Nib Units

Italic nibs can be sized using the same conventions, or in terms of the actual width of their tips. The most common italic nib sizes are medium italic and 1. Just knowing the size of a nib is not enough, however. Japanese fountain pens typically have much smaller tips than non-Japanese or "Western" brands.

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This is because Japanese writing is much denser and more complex than Western writing, requiring a finer, more precise tip. The actual line width created by a particular fountain pen can vary depending on a number of factors such as the ink and paper being used, but the following table shows typical line widths that can be expected from most Japanese and Western nibs under normal conditions. Note that the writing samples above were made using steel nibs.

Gold nibs tend to be wetter and softer than steel nibs, causing them to write up to a size or so broader than a steel nib from the same brand.

Below are listed some of the major Western and Japanese fountain pen brands. Note that some brands like Ohto and TWSBI are considered Western despite being located in Asia because they source their nibs from manufacturers that use Western sizing.

Besides the obvious difference of line width, there are other factors to consider when choosing a tip size. Broader nibs often have higher ink flow than finer nibs, creating both a wider and thicker line of ink. The faster ink flow lubricates the nib to create a smoother, more effortless writing experience. However, it can also make the ink more likely to feather or bleed through lower-quality papers. For more information on selecting fountain pen friendly paper, check out our article here.

Finer nibs, on the other hand, tend to have a more controlled flow, making them more tolerant of varying qualities of paper. Finer nibs are typically not quite as smooth as broader nibs, however, and very fine nibs like Japanese EFs can actually dig into the paper if too much pressure is used. Flexibility refers to how far a nib's tines will spread open when pressure is put on the nib, creating variations in line width. Back in the days when formal cursive scripts like Spencerian and Copperplate were still in regular use, it was common for nibs to be made with very high flexibility.We've decided to slightly change the configuraion of DiamondCast pen blanks now fully re-stocked 4 Feb Phil - Beaufort Ink DiamondCast pen blanks tend to fly out of our door pretty quickly.

Why are they so What will Brexit mean for our overseas customers?

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It's been quite a My word - what talented customers we have! Buy 5 or more Zephyr pen kits in Most Kaweco fountain pens are supplied with a Our pen kit bags are now recyclable 18 Sep Phil - Beaufort Ink What can we do about all those annoying little plastic bags we send out in their hundreds and Bock standard size 6 fountain pen nibs type In some cases it may be necessary to swap the nib into your existing housing. It is also the most popular size for custom pens or so called kitless pens.

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fountain pen nib size 6

Posted 18 November - Posted 19 November - Edited by richardandtracy, 19 November - Posted 22 November - Posted 05 December - Is it possible to use a size 5 nib, with a pen that comes with a 6 nib?

For example, can I use a nib from Jinhaowhich I think is 5, on a Jinhao x? No, it does not fit.

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Posted 06 December - Posted 07 December - Community Forum Software by IP. Community Blogs. General Help Classifieds 1: User. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Registration on the Fountain Pen Network Dearest Visitor of the little Fountain Pen Nut house on the digital prairie, Due to the enormous influx of spammers, it is no longer possible to handle valditions in the traditional way.

For registrations we therefore kindly and respectfully request you to send an email with your request to our especially created email address. This email address is register at fountainpennetwork dot com. Please include your desired user nameand after validation we will send you a return email containing the validation key, normally wiithin a week.

Thank you very much in advance! FPN, which is an entirely volunteer run site, relies on advertising for funding of out-of-pocket and running costs like hosting. Please be so kind to add fountainpennetwork. If you prefer not to see any adverts, support FPN by donating towards an Ads Free view, either by a monthly contributionor a yearly contribution. Nib Size: 5 And 6 Started by greeeebNov 18 Please log in to reply. Posted 18 November - Hi, I am planning to buy a pen kit.

They offer small size and large size nibs: 5 and 6. What is the difference between them? Posted 19 November - The 5 nibs fit on a 5mm diameter feed, while the 6 nibs fit on a 6mm diameter feed. For a 5 nib, expect about 19mm to stick out from the section and a maximum nib width of about 7mm.

On the 6 nibs the length sticking out will be around 25mm, and the maximum width across the shoulders will be about 9mm. Hope this helps, Richard. Chestnut Pens. Francis of Assisi "Don't play what's there.

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Play what's not there. Don't throw them away.National Week. Looking for a new nib for your fountain pen? Buy replacement fountain pen nibs from Pen Chalet. Whether you want to change the nib size of your current fountain pen or have damaged your current nib, Pen Chalet carries various replacement nibs.

Choosing a nib consider the following: material, tip size, tip shape and flexibility. Most replacement fountain pen nibs are proprietary and will only work with their own brand. Some of the most common nib materials include stainless steel or gold.

For information on replacing your fountain pen nib visit our fountain pen how to section. At Pen Chalet we want you to be happy with your purchase. If you buy a replacement fountain pen nib for your pen and doesn't fit let us know. As long as you haven't inked the nib we will take back for a refund or a different nib.

fountain pen nib size 6

Lamy Replacement Fountain Pen Nibs. Opus 88 10 Replacement Fountain Pen Nibs. Monteverde Replacement Fountain Pen Nibs. Conklin Replacement Fountain Pen Nibs. Opus 88 12 Replacement Fountain Pen Nibs.

fountain pen nib size 6

Bock 6 Fountain Pen Nibs. Bock 5 Fountain Pen Nibs. ACME Studios 1. Bock 2. Conklin 2. Lamy 1. Monteverde 1.Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 07 October - I was thinking about what would the perfect pen look like.

I decided at least for today that the pen would have a piston fill and would take a 6 friction fit nib. Question: what pens come to mind that take a 6 nib and has a piston fill? Posted 08 October - What about a plunger fill rather than piston? That sucker pun intended sure is fun to fill. If you want to try a sac-filler, there are a couple of other options. The modern Conklin Crescent pens use 6 nibs, and I believe that the Conway Stewart Chruchill lever-fill and the Duro button-filler use 6 nibs.

A bit up-market might be the Stipula Suprema. This is a piston-filler and has sometimes been available with a steel nib. Mine is an earlier model with a 18K gold nib which I think is also a 6. It is also the generally wettest fountain pen ever. That makes for a great daily writer. Yours, Randal From a person's actions, we may infer attitudes, beliefs, and values.

Bock standard size 6 fountain pen nibs (type 250)

We do not know these characteristics outright. The human dichotomies of trust and distrust, honor and duplicity, love and hate all depend on internal states we cannot directly experience. Isn't this what adds zest to our life? Back to top 9 twdpens twdpens The Writing Desk. And if you want an even cooler filling system, look to the syringe filler of the Gate City Belmont.

Posted 09 October - Funny, I just bought some new 6 nibs and put them in The nibs are Nemosine. They work well in all three pens. I was also going to suggest the Vac It's one of my favorites. Fountain pen blog Personal blog. I think one of the recent Owners' Club pens is a piston-filler. Howard - Are you reading this? Help me out here? Posted 01 November - Thanks to all who responded with the list of no 6 nib piston pens. The information was helpful and sent me down the road of exploring pens I did not previously know about.

One thing came up though, I started questioning the need for the perfect pen to be a piston filler. I was looking at celluloid pens from Italy and was blown away with the looks of those pens, though many are converters.What are the differences between Japanese and Western nibs? I read a lot online and see various comments about what the difference actually is, or that Japanese nibs write finer, but I figured it needed to be detailed out a bit further.

Historically, pen companies never sought after consistency across the industry, because the market demanded personalization. There are other countries that produce nibs China, India, France, etc but those are really the big two.

These nibs are made in-house so they differ from pretty much every other brand because of that. They tend to be a full size finer than their Western counterparts. So why are the Japanese nibs finer? Bock and Jowo are actually two major nib producers in Germany that are non-brand specific. JoWo supplies nibs for EdisonGouletDiplomatand others. Our Nib Nook tool is a great resource for comparing nibs across all the brands that we offer.

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If you still have questions on how a particular nib stacks up, reach out to us! Let us know in the comments below! Previous Next. Related Posts.Delivery to some international countries is limited or suspended. Account Lists Pens. Fountain Pens. Flex Nib. Piston Fill. Vacuum Fill.

Quick Pen Tips #6: How to Swap a #6 Size Jowo Nib

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Nib Tipping Sizes

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